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Dixon Associates

For more than 40 years, Dixon Associates has been New England’s most trusted independent insurance agency for businesses. Our vast experience and network of partners is unmatched the industry. We leverage our relationships to formulate a plan that is specific to your company’s needs. At Dixon Associates, we pride ourselves on our personalized service and commitment to our clients.

David Martin , Aware, Inc

“A truly consultative and diligent small business in the best sense of the phrase. Patient and thorough. Really know their stuff and certainly seem unbiased in their advice and looking after the clients best interests.”

Justin Borysenko, Integral Resources

“Ted and his team did the new healthcare plan at my company that saved us 175K a year over 3K per employee and with better coverage!”

NextGen Partnership

As a NextGen Advisor, Dixon Associates joins a vanguard of innovative Advisers changing the way companies purchase and manage their health care. We leverage a revolutionary business model of employer- sponsored health care plans offering the employer control over their health care budget with same business principals used in other aspects of running a company. We begin by first identifying your overspending in health care costs. We then utilize cutting edge tools and strategies to help you direct the resources the right place. Having transformed from transactional broker to consultative adviser provide transparency.

Life & Death Decisions in the C-Suite provides critical insights and strategies for business leaders who are managing the health insurance for their company. It demonstrates how companies are employing strategies to save money on their health plan spend and reinvest it into their employees.

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Ted Dixon, Author of Life And Death Decisions in the C-Suite, joined the show for a conversation on how companies are employing strategies to save money on their health plan spend and reinvest it into their employees.

Access the CEO Survival Guide: How to Make Healthcare a Controllable Cost

Curated of crisis management, the kit designed to help executives & business owners cut controllable costs – starting with health care.

Execute your COVID-19 Crisis Action Plan with strategies designed to reduce & lower costs that improve quality of care.

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